New Song from our new cd called "Finding Lost Things" 

Hi there you all, we will have a new song on this website, almost immediately, for you to hear.  WE, meaning, Kimberly and I, part of Treehouse Fire, have a new duo and we put this new cd together so we could sell and promote our music as we descend on the UK for our first shows NEXT WEEK and our first recording..

It's an acoustic record, 5 songs, all recorded while in the studio with no bells and whistles, except echo and doubles of our vocals, so that it sounded like you singing with us, which we love!.  In the studio, we would just play each song over and over until we had a reasonable take we were excited by.  They aren't perfect but nicely similar to our live sets, so with that said and done, I hope you will be ok with just one further email this weekend, though the album will be available on I-Tunes perhaps before, and Amazon and will show-up on Spoitify and Deezer and Gooopupple late this week.

Have a wonderful June and we'll be in the UK for much of that, but THIS SATURDAY we play the wonderful Tucson Hop Shop here on Dodge, just N of Ft. Lowell, in the Metal Arts Village, from 7-9 or so PM...follow us also on FB as GREY SKIES BLUE..Have fun always!