About Us

       * T r e e h o u s e  F i r e *

* Based in  Tucson, Arizona USA & we write & play 
what is best described as  ~Americana,   +=Alternative  +=Acoustic Indie Folk

* Fronted by singer songwriter Stephen Budd, the songs and his voice are reminiscent of REM, Wilco, Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams, The Counting Crows, David Gray, but also similar to Tracy Chapman or Richard Thompson, so if you like them, you’ll like THF.  In terms of instrumentation & songwriting--ours is a sound that brings to mind the West & the outdoors, Romance, History, Folklore & images and stories of simpler times.

* These songs are about the warmth and complexity of human experience--- memories, smells, sounds---Songs & Stories of Love & Loss, Struggle & Joy, People & Interesting Places & Events, Reflection, Romance, Longing, Feelings & Emotions; So Essentially, the Human Experience...We hope you find our songs meaningful & enjoyable with hummable melodies, with stories that you can take with you...  Also go to our Facebooks, Twitter, or other sites listed on here for upcoming concerts, releases and other information.

* We are a 4 piece band including guitars, banjo, dobro & lap steel; upright & electric bass, and vocals and mostly acoustic guitar...

* Keep an eye out for some gigs in Tucson/Flag/Phoenix & elsewhere...add yourself to our email list & we will gladly forward you current info as it comes....Ciao & Cheers!