Songs  of  life  and  love  and  history...  from  a  desert  city of the  southwest ... barely an hour north of  Mexico... a  historically  &  culturally  significant  place ,  surrounded  by  the  cactus  and  the  harsh  beauty  of  five  mountain  ranges;  the  lonesome sounds  of  birdcalls  across  canyons  in  the  morning.. a  place  where  people  have  lived  for thousands  of  years,  where  battles  between  natives , invaders  and  opportunists  have raged:  happening  quickly  and  ruthlessly .. a  place  of  harsh  beauty,  simplicity  and  emptiness;  a  place  of  extremes  and  mystery ...  we try  to  put  elements  of  the  magic  of  this  place  and  its  people  into  our  music...

TreeHouseFire  is  a  four-piece  modern  indie  americana  rock  band

we  continue  perfecting  the  songs and  sound  that  we  hope  will  move  you... the  new  CD, Gathering Sky,  is  out ;  released  a  year  ago  on  gHoStToWn  records  as  a  solo cd  by Stephen Budd,  the  singer,  only  because  he  hadn't  met  these  guys  yet--the  band perform  many  of  these  songs  and  are  writing  new  songs  for  our  live  shows  and  will record  again  in  the  spring  and  early  summer ..for  a  new  release , likely  to come out  in the Fall '10.  

Until  then,  please  come  and  see  us  at  the  finer  venues  here  in Tucson  &  Phoenix, Flagstaff  &   Bisbee  &  make  sure  to  sign  up  for  our  mailing  list  on  this  site - we  will  keep  you  informed--Also,  befriend  us  on  Myspace,  Facebook  and ILIKE.com, Bebo, and  Reverb Nation.

... Looking  forward  to  seeing  you  soon!!!  Many  thanks!  Mike,  Sean, Mike  &  Stephen   Thanks for visiting. 

** Notes regarding the current CD, Gathering Sky, which was put out under the name Stephen Budd...check it out and buy it our gigs or at Amazon.com, ITUNES, Rhapsody.com, Emusic, Napster, Amie Street.com and pretty much everywhere else

*** about that CD: 

written/recorded between 1998 and 2008 in Detroit, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Madison Wi and for the most part, in Tucson...

Shanti Foster played fiddle, Todd Hammes played percussion and drums.  Ron Pangborn (Matthew Sweet, Was (Not Was), Freedy Johnston) also played drums.  In addition, special performances are on there by Joey and John of the band Calexico..

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